September 22, 2020

Our CEO Walks Through the Steps of Bringing a Startup to Market

Our CEO Walks Through the Steps of Bringing a Startup to Market

Starting a company is hard, but launching it into the market is harder. As a 7x founder who’s sold his last six startups for over $500M, our CEO, Peter Yared, understands the process and the tools needed to get consumers interested in your business. 

In this episode of Bright Ideas with Trent Dyrsmid, Peter walks through the steps of advertising a startup and a go-to-market strategy that can’t be beaten.

What you will learn:

  • How to successfully adapt your business into the e-commerce trend during COVID-19
    • Peter discusses the problematic transition from brick and mortar selling to online selling during the sudden rise of e-commerce in the COVID-19 era, touching on the idea of initial resistance when creating an online selling platform due to the complexity of moving a business online.
  • How to be aspirational with your customer’s business
    • Peter explains that sharing past success stories with your new customers can help inspire future success. Here are two tips and messaging techniques he recommends using with new clients:
      • “I can take X and make it Y. There’s always the before and after. Here’s you now. Use my checklist and here’s you tomorrow.”
      • Quantify the data available, give them a timeline of when success will happen for their business and why it takes that time.    
  • The importance of finding your target audience 
    • Peter explains how businesses should compile a list of potential customers and focus on which ones would benefit from the service. By finding the right target audience, a business can easily be aspirational about those future successes. 
  • Connecting with the right people within your target market
    • It’s essential to connect with the right people within the company you are targeting to convince them they need your product. The two most important figures are the Buyer & Decision Maker. Peter explains that these two positions might not be the same person, and which one you should approach first.

Listen below or click the link to hear more in-depth advice from a creator that has sold six enterprise startups to multinational companies:  

(Bright Ideas: BI 333 – Crafting a Strong and Smart GTM Strategy)