April 12, 2023

Webinar – Data residency for Salesforce

Webinar – Data residency for Salesforce

Multinational businesses need their Salesforce orgs to comply with data residency and data governance requirements across multiple countries. InCountry is hosting a webinar that will explain how Salesforce customers can be compliant with data residency requirements in strictly regulated countries such as China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and more.

On May 17th at 4 pm CEST time, Karim Hopper and Peter Prose will explore InCountry for Salesforce.

The key topics that will be covered:

  • How companies operating in multiple countries can store, process, and deliver Salesforce-regulated data to satisfy data residency requirements for each country while running a single Salesforce org 
  • Real use cases from the Fortune 500 companies in life sciences/pharma, retail, and automotive industries 
  • Live Demo 
  • Q&A


Karim Hopper, InCountry, SVP of Sales

Peter Prose, InCountry, VP of Customer Success

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