April 12, 2022

Webinars – Data Residency for Salesforce

Webinars – Data Residency for Salesforce

As data residency regulations reshape the international business landscape, businesses are looking for data residency solutions for various SaaS platforms, such as Salesforce, that have yet to expand beyond a handful of markets.

For the month of May, InCountry is hosting two webinars to show how our data residency-as-a-service solution helps Salesforce users become compliant with data regulations in over 90 countries.

On May 11th at 3 PM Hong Kong time, InCountry’s Karim Hopper and Paul Sivtsov will explore InCountry for Salesforce in APAC.

The webinar will feature:

  • Why data residency is trending and what the challenges are for international businesses
  • Data residency and China’s PIPL, DSL and CSL
  • What tools you need to solve data residency challenges
  • How InCountry enables data residency natively inside of Salesforce for multiple countries
  • How InCountry enables data residency for third-party apps and apps integrating with Salesforce
  • Demo: How to configure data residency in Salesforce using InCountry

And on May 18th at 3 PM Paris time, InCountry’s Peter Prose and Wendy Baker will further break down InCountry for Salesforce, going into how InCountry enables faster market expansion for international companies and the ease in which the solution can be used with Salesforce.