May 12, 2020

What do compliance teams need to focus on when working with customer data? Peter Yared, CEO and Founder of InCountry shares insights

With the ever-increasing data regulations going into effect monthly, it’s crucial that companies, especially ones that operate internationally, are prepared to reassess their data collection practices and update their systems accordingly. The legality issues faced from data collection malpractice vary from country to country and can result in large fines, and in some cases expulsion from countries entirely. 

Our CEO, Peter Yared, sat down with Adam Turteltaub for his Compliance Perspective podcast to share crucial information on how companies can easily adapt to ever-changing data laws and avoid issues associated with data malpractice. 

They dive into:

  • Common regulatory conflicts that compliance teams need to be aware of when dealing with data protection laws
  • Why operating at the highest standard for different countries data laws may not be enough
  • How some countries utilize “Whitelist agreements” when dealing with overseas data
  • How compliance teams can start addressing data management issues
  • What compliance teams should train their frontline workers on to avoid data collection issues

Click the link below to hear more from Peter: 

(Compliance Perspective: Peter Yared on Regulatory Conflicts in Data Privacy Laws — 5.7.20)