July 18, 2019

What makes a successful entrepreneur? Our CEO and seven-time founder, Peter Yared, shares his tips

A startup consists of many different moving parts. To get all of those parts to move properly and have fluidity, the founder must always establish a strong foundation and team first. After selling six multi-million dollar startups and securing millions in funding for his newest company, Peter Yared has found his flow when creating successful companies. 

In this episode of SaaStr, our CEO and Founder catches up with Harry Stebbings and shares key tips entrepreneurs must follow to create their own success.

They dive into:

  • How Peter made his way into the world of enterprise SaaS 
  • The breakdown of the de-globalization trend in technology
  • The benefits and disadvantages of serial entrepreneurship
  • How does Peter think about and approach market sizing today
  • What components are needed to create a foundation for a successful company
  • How to build a successful remote executive team

(SaaStr: Episode 250 – Peter Yared, Founder & CEO of InCountry) — 7.19.20