InCountry for Salesforce Cross-Border Migration

Migrate to a new Hyperforce region with full compliance and no governor limits
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Migrate orgs to Hyperforce regions

Data protection laws and residency requirements in various countries, along with SaaS application performance challenges when communicating across borders with intermittent connectivity, are driving the need for companies to move their Salesforce data from global orgs to local Hyperforce orgs and Salesforce on Alibaba Cloud in China. Doing so securely, compliantly, and at scale can be a complex endeavor.

Migrate orgs to Hyperforce regions

Confidently migrate entire orgs or portions of orgs into new countries

InCountry for Salesforce Cross-Border Data Migration is a comprehensive solution to migrate data across borders into Hyperforce orgs with features that far exceed a simple sync or backup tool. The solution supports complex Salesforce schemas with circular object references, large file attachments, external IDs, and more. InCountry implements guaranteed messaging and queuing to ensure delivery and can update deltas after a long-running migration to ease a cutover to the new org. Supported countries include Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

  • Circular object references & deep relationships
  • Initial migration followed by delta for smooth transition
  • External IDs
  • Override CreatedDate & CreatedBy
  • Small and large attachment supported
  • Migration reconciliation report

Full service migration options

InCountry’s experienced partners can provide full-service data migrations to complete more complicated cross-border data migrations within weeks. Staff are available in multiple jurisdictions including US, EU, and China. The migrations process begins with an analysis of the org’s object schema to determine the loading sequence, a sandbox rehearsal, data migration, testing, cutover support, and includes a full reconciliation report and audit log.

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Maintain global reporting with InCountry Cross-Border syncing

Maintain global reporting with InCountry Cross-Border real-time anonymized data syncing. The final step after data migration into a new org in another country is typically to delete the data from the origin org. This step can cause problems when starting from a single global org, as global orgs are commonly used for global reporting. InCountry’s Cross-Border real-time anonymized data syncing solution preserves global reporting by anonymizing data in the global org after migration, and then syncing anonymized changes back to the global org on an ongoing basis.
Maintain global reporting with InCountry Cross-Border syncing