September 13, 2023

Introducing Salesforce Cross Border: realtime anonymized replication for multi-org deployments

Introducing Salesforce Cross Border: realtime anonymized replication for multi-org deployments

At the Dreamforce 2023 conference today, InCountry is announcing the general availability of InCountry Cross Border anonymized realtime replication for Salesforce Multi-Org deployments. The new cross-border data transfer mechanism for Salesforce enables secure and compliant data syncing between Salesforce orgs.

For years, Salesforce administrators expended quite a bit of effort to consolidate orgs for easier management and scalability. Over the past couple of years, data residency and data privacy regulations have caused a reversal of this strategy.

There is now some org proliferation with Salesforce customers running separate orgs in the EU and US, and then adding Salesforce on Alibaba Cloud orgs in China or Hyperforce orgs in other tightly regulated markets. This issue is compounded for larger organizations that already run separate orgs for several functional business units. The challenge with running numerous orgs worldwide is that companies can quickly lose their global perspective such as global ticket counts and Customer 360 views.

How it works

The InCountry Salesforce Cross Border anonymized realtime replication works by installing the InCountry Managed Package into each org. Salesforce administrators can select the objects that will be replicated and apply anonymization algorithms at the field level. Anonymization options include tokenization, masking, or hashing, while anonymized values preserve the initial data format so replicated data does not affect validation rules or duplicate matching.

Both non-regulated and regulated fields can be synced to the global Salesforce org:

  1. Non-regulated fields are copied as-is (clear-text values) to the global Salesforce org.
  2. Regulated fields are anonymized (hashes, tokens, or masked values) and then synced to the global Salesforce org.

The package provides real-time replication of regulated data upon the creation of new records or the update of existing records. So you don’t need to worry that some records will not be properly synchronized or that you need to execute regular sync jobs. For the initial sync, a replication job is run with filters to replicate only specific records.


For a straightforward and efficient solution, the solution is focused on anonymizing and syncing data from a source country org to a target country org, typically a global or regional org. Synced objects must have a Salesforce external id, so a record id in the source org must match the external id in the target org. Additionally, the synchronization is only one-way, so data from the target org will not be synchronized back to the source org.

To ensure data privacy and compliance, any replicated regulated data in the target org is fully anonymized. It is important to be aware that data anonymization may impact report generation with the detailed view enabled. Instead of real personal values, you will see impersonated random strings. However, aggregated reporting should be minimally affected as it typically involves grouping data against non-regulated values such as source, campaign name, lead type, and so on.

Enabling an expansive Salesforce global footprint

With the Salesforce Cross Border anonymized replication feature, InCountry now supports operating multiple Salesforce orgs while maintaining a global view. In addition, customers can have the flexibility of fully isolating data within a country where Hyperforce is not available, or the market does not justify a separate org.

Get started with InCountry’s Salesforce cross border anonymized realtime replication

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