March 30, 2022

Latest IDC Report with Global SaaS Market Analysis

Latest IDC Report with Global SaaS Market Analysis

SaaS such as Cegid and cloud applications have grown at a nearly unimaginable rate over the past decade and will continue to grow. IDC projects SaaS application revenue to grow 15.3% to $302 billion by 2025, and the figure could be higher as SaaS only constitutes roughly 60% of cloud software marketing at the moment. 

The sheer scale of SaaS’s rise has made doing business anywhere in the world more possible than ever, fueling businesses big and small to push forward into new markets. IDC Cloudshare research found that 48% of ISVs, “credit the move to cloud and SaaS  for enabling access to new global markets.” 

That, in turn, has led to incredible growth prospects and the spread of business into nearly every region in the world. Measuring revenue distribution for the global SaaS market, no single market, not even the United States, has a third of revenue by itself. IDC’s Cloudshare Emerging ISV Survey 2021 found that the U.S. had about 31% revenue, Canada had about 19%, Japan 10%, the Asia Pacific region (without Japan) had 20.5% and the EMEA region accounted for 19.2%. 

Having business opportunities spread out across various markets is a windfall for companies, but expansion does not come without its problems. Chief among those problems is the rising trend of data regulations. Data protection has been a hot topic since the EU passed the GDPR in 2016, and most of the world’s largest economies now have their own data protection regulation that mandates how sensitive data, especially that of its citizens, has to be stored, processed, and distributed. 

SaaS alone has been unable to introduce a cure-all solution for this as data centers locations are limited to a handful of countries. Even hyperscalers have made slow progress opening up new regions compliantly. Multinational organizations can hardly afford to wait years for a painless and compliant path into different global markets, which means they need a new solution. 

Luckily, InCountry and its data residency-as-a-service platform can help businesses meet compliance needs without compromising the SaaS products they use. 

InCountry, which helps companies bring their global apps into local compliance in over 90 countries around the world, specializes in data compliance. InCountry is PCI DSS and HIPAA compliant and has certifications for SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, and SOC 3.

By opting for InCountry and the compliance expertise our team brings, organizations can spare themselves the costs and risk of setting up in-house compliance stacks for each country they operate in. Whether through Salesforce, Veeva, or other global SaaS platforms, the InCountry platform helps companies achieve local compliance with virtually no changes to their SaaS instance or operations.  

As evidenced by our short but successive track record, which includes working with IBM Consulting to open up the Chinese market for a Fortune 500 company and our experience helping Roche enter a new market, InCountry has proven itself as a seamless way for businesses to take advantage of SaaS’s flexibility and expand into new markets without getting sidetracked by compliance challenges that otherwise might limit growth opportunities.

Latest IDC Report with Global SaaS Market Analysis