August 31, 2021

Leveraging the Edge to Meet Modern Data Security Requirements

Leveraging the Edge to Meet Modern Data Security Requirements

The data governance landscape is experiencing change on an unprecedented scale. More and more countries are introducing their own requirements and regulations for processing and storing their citizens’ personally identifiable information (PII). These challenges require multinational businesses to respond in a quick and efficient manner to resolve compliance-based issues before any legal action arises.

InCountry provides a unique data residency-as-a-service platform that enables corporations and global companies to comply with local data regulations and data management requirements imposed by governments in regions where their company operates. Our data residency services are available in more than 90 countries and our global presence is constantly expanding into new countries.

As InCountry manages compliance regulations and PII data, we understand the necessity of taking unprecedented measures to secure and protect the data of our customers against any known or potential data threats. We have incorporated all the best practices, methodologies, and frameworks for developing new functionality, verifying security, and testing the reliability of our program solutions for data localization and distribution. We have gathered all the specifics of our current secure software development and noted how we explore vulnerabilities, fortify our infrastructure, and conduct regular compliance audits of our processes for you to learn about in our free downloadable security whitepaper.

Do you have any questions regarding our whitepaper or would you like to get started with a free evaluation of our data residency services? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to show how you can streamline data governance and compliance with us and also benefit from using our data residency platform in a free and personalized demo.