November 08, 2021

InCountry Joins Veeva’s Technology Partner Program to Simplify Global Data Compliance in Life Sciences

Miami, FL — Nov X, 2021 — InCountry, the global data residency-as-a-service platform, today announced the company has joined the Veeva Technology Partner Program and will integrate the InCountry platform with Veeva CRM from Veeva Systems. The partnership will help life sciences companies efficiently localize and distribute Veeva CRM data in a country-compliant way, no matter where they operate. 

Veeva CRM enables field teams to optimize the customer experience with advanced multichannel capabilities and real-time insights that help them engage customers in the way they prefer. InCountry helps international companies achieve compliance with local data regulations in over 90 countries worldwide, removing a complex technical and bureaucratic roadblock so businesses can expand and operate smoothly abroad.

Protecting data about healthcare professionals is vital in the life sciences industry. Global biopharmas, especially those operating in multiple countries, face a host of data-related challenges. With vastly different data privacy laws in different regions, these companies need tools to help localize and secure their Veeva CRM data in accordance with various data governance policies. 

With the new integration, InCountry will separate regulated and non-regulated healthcare professional information from Veeva CRM into different streams, ensuring that any sensitive data is stored and processed locally in the country of origin and then tokenized to Veeva CRM. Veeva CRM users will see no change to their experience, as the storage and processing of sensitive data all occurs behind the scenes. This solution will make it easier for field teams to use Veeva CRM in virtually any country worldwide — especially those where local regulations create unique data storage requirements — without having to build and maintain a compliance stack for each country.

The need for a data residency solution is particularly critical in Russia, where Federal Law No. 152-FZ and Federal Law No. 242-FZ place strict requirements on localizing the data of Russian citizens. InCountry is certified as compliant with 152-FZ and has already helped multinational customers use business-critical cloud solutions successfully and compliantly in Russia. In addition to ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, and ISO 27701 certifications, InCountry is HIPAA compliant, making the platform an ideal choice for managing personal health information. 

“Veeva CRM is the most advanced and widely used CRM solution for life sciences worldwide,” said Peter Yared, founder and CEO of InCountry. “InCountry’s integration with Veeva CRM will enable our mutual customers to quickly and cost-effectively expand internationally with minimum configuration and no functionality trade-offs.”

For more detailed information on the InCountry integration with Veeva CRM, please contact sales@incountry.com

About InCountry

InCountry is the data residency-as-a-service platform, enabling data compliance by storing and processing data in its country of origin. With services in over 90 countries worldwide, InCountry helps international companies scale in an era of fluctuating regulations and logistical challenges. The company is headquartered in Miami, with offices in Abu Dhabi, Rostov-on-Don, Minsk, and Singapore.

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