December 01, 2020

InCountry on a Salesforce regional webinar as a special guest

InCountry on a Salesforce regional webinar as a special guest

InCountry Chief Strategy Officer, Pierre Wolff, was happy to discuss data residency with the Salesforce Middle East Partner community and share thoughts of how InCountry can help system integrators extend and expand their service offering.

Pierre Wolff commented:

We are excited to be partnered with Salesforce and to have the possibility to share our expertise with the Salesforce partner ecosystem. The issues with data residency are proliferating. In the Middle East, several countries have regulations covering how and where sensitive data can be handled by companies in such industries like life sciences/healthcare, government, and financial services.

The challenging question for partners is how will they address the specific compliance requirements for storing and processing data that need to be satisfied before winning the customer. Helping customers with such compliance issues while ensuring their application development remains intact  – this is why Salesforce system integrators are working with us”.

InCountry General Manager for the MENA region, Khaled Lababidi, comments that the Middle East is one of the largest emerging markets. Helping partners reconnect with prospects that need their data stored in-country, can open up new accounts and be a big win for them. Today Salesforce clouds instances allow for data to be stored in one of seven countries where the instance is hosted.  By integrating with the InCountry platform, Salesforce customers can now choose one or several of the over 90 countries InCountry covers, to store and process data compliantly from their single Salesforce instance.  

Additionally, InCountry announced the preparation of a unique Integrator Certification Program that is expected to launch in early 2021. This program includes several training and implementation guides, industry-focused certifications, and value-based partner revenue channels.

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